Utility Audit, Inc. has a proven method of audit recovery that is both profitable and painless for our clients: Below is a project timeline and the five step process for a typical audit.


Step 1

Establish Service Contract, which includes terms of the agreement, contingency fee, audit services order and letter of authorization.


Step 2

Receive copies of one months utility bills being audited. We only require one months utility bill copies to obtain account numbers and vital account information. The remaining items for the audit are supplied through the utility vendor.


Step 3

UAI conducts the utility bill audit, including rate analysis & comparisons, vendor negotiations, historical & billing errors and examination of regulatory and tariff law as outlined in the Audit Description Process.


Step 4

UAI provides an itemized savings report. The savings report will detail the available savings and refunds. Client approves UAI to facilitate the implementation of the savings.


Step 5

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